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The Number in “Squid Game” is Real


The Netflix series Squid Game has released been released and is on track to be one of the streaming services most-watched shows of all time.

In the series, participants are risking their lives while playing mysterious games to win a 45.6 billion won cash prize. It may sound like a reality TV show but it’s most definitely a horror/drama and completely binge-worthy either in its original Korean with subtitles or with English overdub. To sum it up, it’s kind of “The Hunger Games” meets “Saw”.

As you can see from the first few seconds of the trailer part of the story is that the contestants are given a card with a phone number on it to ring when they want to take part in the game and unlike traditional “movie” numbers that start with a 555 and are completely fictional, this made-up number actually rings an unsuspecting owner. A man living in South Korea.

Needless to say, the poor guy has been inundated with calls that may seem like a harmless prank, but he says he is quite distressed by it. So much so he is now in negotiations with Netflix to solve the situation who may need to purchase the number that he has had for his business for over 10 years. 

Netflix has also been forced to blur the number out on the show and in trailers.

Regardless, the show is what everyone is talking about and you can binge it now on Netflix. Just remember if you can see the number still.. leave the poor dude alone.


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