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The Walking Dead Season 11 character portraits


The Walking Dead releases amazing character portraits for the new season. Today AMC has released the season 11 portraits, and they are outstanding. Featured are 5 characters that will have major storylines for the final season.

Many fans have already viewed the season 11 premiere via AMC+. This has caused many spoilers to be leaked as people can’t seem to control themselves as far as keeping quiet until the episode airs on AMC on Sunday, August 22. This will be an ongoing issue, at least for part 1 of the season, as each episode for season 11a will be released one week ahead of the AMC airing.

We will get 8 episodes of the final season before a break that could last until February until part 2 of the season will be released. There has been no official announcement for the release date of part 2 as filming has only almost reached the halfway point for this season.

The Walking Dead season 11 character portraits

It was thought that these portraits would be the final reveal this Thursday as part of the “11 reveals for season 11.”

We see Mercer designated as the newcomer. It will be an interesting storyline as we know his comic book story, but the series doesn’t always follow that story. Michael James Shaw makes an impressive figure as this character, and it will be awesome to see how he portrays the leader of the Commonwealth army.

Maggie is titled the vengeful widow. No one can fault her for her feelings about the brutal death of her husband, Glenn, at the hands of the villainous Negan. We have seen many photos of Maggie and Negan together. Will they put their differences aside for the greater good, or will they come to blows over the past events? Lauren Cohan has made her return as Maggie, and the Maggie we see now is much different than the one who left.

Daryl, always the loner but always loyal. He has made mistakes but has always tried to do right by those he has chosen as his family. He carries a lot of guilt that weighs him down and often keeps him at arm’s length from others. What will his role be in this final season? Norman Reedus has taken this character from a rough red neck to a fighter and leader that his brother Rick Grimes would be proud of.

Carol is no doubt a ruthless protector who will do whatever it takes to protect those she loves. She doesn’t always seek guidance in her choices, but she is thorough and meticulous in her planning. You may not always agree with her choices, but the result is generally positive. Melissa McBride deserves all the awards for her portrayal of Carol and the growth she has taken her through.

Negan redeemed one. But, is he? On the one hand, I would like to think that all he has done to redeem himself is true, and he has really turned over a new leaf. He has put himself out there to save many and kill Alpha but is this only self-serving, or did he do these things to atone for his past actions? Only time will tell. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has made this character one we have loved to hate proving his talent over and over again.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC THIS Sunday, August 22, for the first episode of season 11.


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