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They’re Back, Witches: The Scariest and Most Creative Haunted Houses in North Texas


Everyone seems to have that one neighbor who insists he can put together a homemade “haunted house” in his backyard. Sometimes, the earnest hard work of local participants results in some charming low-key scares. Some other times, these attempts result in real life injuries. But hey, at least they deliver on the scare factor.

Dallas has its fair share of haunted locations, but each Halloween season, professionally crafted haunted house experiences provide scares for Texans who need an adrenaline kick and a good, cathartic scream. It’s been a hectic enough year already, so having our fears bound to just one location should at least provide some sense of peace. This October, thrill seekers will want to check out these local haunted houses.

Cutting Edge Haunted House
Forget sitting in a go-cart and waiting for things to pop out at you. At Cutting Edge, the walking tour lasts an entire hour, and you’re running half the time, too! Cited as one of the nation’s scariest, this elaborate experience is located at 1701 E. Lancaster Ave. in Fort Worth.

Dark Hour Haunted House

After a year off in 2020, the inventive haunted house that claims to be “too intense for children” returns with an asylum theme that pits attendees against a clan of witches who worship the demon Anabelle. The coven awaits at 701 Taylor Drive in Plano.

Hangman’s House of Horrors
This iconic haunted favorite has been operating for over 30 years, and “The Legend Of Hezekiah Jones” is just as terrifying after all that time. Supposedly lynched by a vengeful mob on the shores of the Trinity River for his brutal tactics, the villainous figure simply known as “The Hangman” won’t go back to hell until he claims 120 souls. See if you manage not to become one of them at 4400 Blue Mound Road in Fort Worth.

Hatch and Kraven’s Slaughterhouse
This “Trail of Fear” includes everything from creepy clowns to caged asylum patients and evil dolls to machete-branded killers. Just check out their website for the unsettling footage of last year’s attendees getting freaked out. Prepare for a diverse set of villains on 2316 Farm to Market Road 120 in Denison.

Thrillvania Haunted House Park
Depending on what strikes your fancy, Thrillvania offers three separate haunted house experiences to strike on your personal fears. The World Famous Haunted Verdun Manor unleashes psychotic werewolves; Cassandra’s House of Clowns isn’t playing anything for laughs; and Sam Hain’s Trail of Torment unveils an enigmatic ancient evil. Take your pick or try all three at 2330 County Road 138 in Terrell.

Reindeer Manor Halloween Park
This packed location includes lots of fun events such as axe throwing, dances and stage shows, but we all know you’re here for the spooky mansion. This year’s themes include the elusive Copy Cat Killer, the unsolved Maybrick murders, a 3D Dungeon of Doom and a biological weapon unleashed in a bunker. Plan to hit one or all at 410 Houston School Road in Red Oak.

Moxley Manor
In its 12th year, this elaborate 3D sensation is offering three haunted houses for the price of one. The murderous Moxley Manor, The Exorcist-inspired Reagan’s Revenge and twisted clown thriller Big Tot Revenge are all featured attractions. Consistently named as one of DFW’s scariest haunted houses, you can find this acclaimed fright factory at 510 Harwood Road in Bedford.

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