Vote now: Are these Australia’s best TV and film stars?


The AACTA Awards are back and Australians now have the chance to vote for their favourite movies, TV shows and stars. See how you can enter.

If there was one thing which has got us through 2021 it has been the chance to binge on a diet of quality viewing. From the hottest dramas, to the most talked about reality shows, comics that put a much-needed smile on our face, to those trusted faces that kept us on top of the news of the day, our screens have been a constant companion through lockdown and an escapewhen we couldn’t go beyond the front door.

Now News Corp readers will have their chance to vote for their film and TV favourites of the past year, in the Audience Choice Awards at this year’s AACTAs presented by Foxtel.

For the second time, the public can vote in an exclusive poll, launching on Sunday – across drama, movies, reality TV and, for the first time, digital comedy creator.

The publicly-voted awards will add to the peer-voted prizes to be announced at the Wednesday, December 8 gittering ceremony at the Sydney Opera House.

Cast your votes for your favourite stars below.

With the Logie Awards postponed for the second consecutive year, The Living Room hosts Dr Chris Brown and Amanda Keller – who are up for several nominations in both the audience choice and peer-voted categories – are excited that television can still have a night of nights.

“I think the last 18 months have really reminded us of the important distraction and escapism that TV can provide,” Brown says.

“I think it’s great that there are awards that people can get behind to really celebrate the role TV has played in our lives and the important function it has provided.”

Keller agrees, saying “Our programs and performers have been extraordinary and they really need to be celebrated. It’s wonderfulthat everyone can get behind them.”

The pair does wonder what the red carpet fashion may look like after two years of on-and-off lockdowns.

Brown jokes he had to dig deep in his cupboard to find cufflinks and shoes that were clean for the photo shoot.

“It’s just been that time where the idea of getting dressed up seems so incredibly foreign,” he says. “But what a beautiful opportunity to get everyone together and really reconnect which is what we are all doing across Australia right now.

“A lot of the people in the industry are like family so it will be great to bring everyone back together.”

Keller predicts it might be the first time Ugg boots will make an appearance on the red carpet.

“I think this event might redefine how people want to dress up,” she says.

“For this shoot, I have a pair of cowboy boots on because the idea of wearing high heels … I just can’t deal.

“So we may reinvent red carpet fashion post-Covid. The first person not to have an egg stain on their garment should win a prize.”

MasterChef judge Melissa Leong, who is renowned for her elegant sartorial style, is beyond excited to get glammed up for a red carpet.

“Any excuse to dress up is one I’m going to embrace with all of my might,” she says.

“What a wonderful way of not only expressing our excitement for socialising and celebration, but to also support and showcase other great Australian creatives, like the incredible talent found in our fashion industry.

Leong – who is also nominated in several categories in both audience choice and peer-voted – is feeling privileged to attend her second AACTAS and says right now there is especially great cause to celebrate.

“We have a lot to celebrate when it comes to the Australian film and television industries collective tenacity and creativity over the past year in continuing to make amazing things we want to watch, during such a difficult era,” Leong says.

“Last year was my first time attending and presenting and it was such a thrill, it’s great to see it all come home to Ten.”

AACTA chief executive Damian Trewhella is thrilled to be able to hold the AACTA Awards in Sydney again and in its new home at the Opera House this year.

“We introduced the Audience Choice Awards last year as a way for Australians to honour and celebrate an industry that had kept them enthralled and entertained for the past decade,” he says.

“Following last year’s success, we are elated to be bringing these awards back. 2021 has continued to see Australian productions and homegrown talent be recognised on a national and international level, and AACTA Audience Choice Awards are the perfect platform to hear what those watching think are the highlights of our industry.

“It’s time for Australia to have their say on their favourite stars and shows.”

The Audience Choice Awards acknowledge this year the rise of the digital comedy creator such as kids’ TV host-turned-social media sensation Jimmy Rees and satirical media Instagram account The Inspired Unemployed.

Before launching two years ago, Jack Steele worked in his dad’s plastering business, and Matt Ford dabbled on the tools. The pair now has more than a million followers on social media and model for some of the world’s premium brands. The “battlers”, as they dub themselves, create short clips that depict Australian culture and stereotypes among Millennials and Gen Z, mocking just about anyone.

“We’ve also expanded our awards to acknowledge and celebrate the amazing work being created by Australia’s digital creators.A lot of new creators have popped up over the past year and they’ve kept us laughing at a time we’ve needed it most,” Trewhella says.

The AACTA Awards telecast, which will also incorporate the public voted AACTA Audience Choice Awards, will be broadcast on Wednesday, December 8, 7.30pm, Ten and encored in the days following on Foxtel Arena, BINGE, and AACTA TV.

A shortlist for the AACTA audience choice awards will be revealed on Sunday, December 5.

Vote for your favourite stars and shows below. Voting closes midnight on Sunday, November 7.

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