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Watch ‘Squid Game’ … or look away?


Gary Brown

One of the problems with still being caught up in some of the habits developed during a pandemic is you find yourself sitting in your living room late one night binge-watching “Squid Game” on Netflix.

The issue isn’t the lateness of the hour. The great thing about being retired is that the time you want to get up in the next morning is kind of a moving target. One key principle late in life is that the coffee is going to be ready whenever you decide to make it.

Nor is the problem that you are wasting all those late hours simply watching television. If you’re watching “Squid Game,” after all, you’re helping make small-screen history.

“‘Squid Game’ is taking over the United States,” reported the website “According to a Morning Consult survey, roughly a quarter of Americans have seen the Korean-language Netflix drama, putting it on track to become the streaming service’s most-watched original series of all time.”


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