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We Are Jersey Magazine Celebrates 7 years of Supporting Independent Artists


Clifton, New Jersey based media outlet and entertainment company celebrates 7 years of being in business with an anniversary issue and modernizing their platform. We Are Jersey released their latest issue with East Orange native artist Kia (Tenaja David) breaking the normalcy for the publication as they typically host a musical artist on the cover. Breaking the monotony of their media outlet, the owners are restructuring their platform to make it more community focused and friendly by introducing an app and different ways to keep up with digital ownership.  

Of the many features, the app will showcase music artist’s videos to help consumers and supporters of independent artists to find, as well as binge on artists content. The publication also has an online platform that they will be utilizing more often for articles, updates, and more. WAJM (WAJ Magazine) will also be making their digital copy available as a non-fungible token due to overwhelming demand. Both owners of the publication acknowledge that their audience heavily support independent ‘shakers and movers’ in the entertainment industry, and wanted to give their audience an opportunity to own a digital copy of their issues longer than a regular link would allow. The September 2021 issue will be the first issue available to collectors with 25 copies available to buyers. WAJM is typically on sale for digital copies for $1.99 with no special differences except for the method of payment.

The seven year anniversary of We Are Jersey’s publication introduces readers to unique: independent artists, models, and business in the New Jersey area. In their past, WAJ has hosted New Jersey successes such as Justina Valentine and Felicia Temple grace their cover, as well as talent outside NJ and the United States. As the seventh year of the publication proceeds, owners Bridget Papino & Daniel Banks have made more modifications to the structure of their company beyond the magazine.

Co-owner Bridget Papino stated “We are creating separate digital spaces for sectors of our company due to the audience each attracts.” The company wants the website www.wearejerseyent.com  to clearly represent the services they provide as an entertainment company. While the other site www.wajmagazine.com will promote the magazine and stories regarding the niche entertainment industry they highlight daily. Both Papino & Banks agree that the separation will help consumers stay focused on their goal when visiting their site.


Want to know which platform We Are Jersey is using to give digital ownership to their subscribers? Contact BA Jenkins to learn more.

About We Are Jersey Ent.

We are Jersey is the brainchild of entrepreneur Bridget Papino & Daniel Banks. They have
emphasized building relationships by being transparent with their clients and providing them with
a comfortable work environment while still achieving every goal together as a team.

We are putting the power back in the hands of Creatives. We are unapologetic in our approach to
the industry and have redefined what it means to be an artist management company, record label,
booking agency, marketing & entertainment consultancy all under one roof. We are all about
creativity and self-expression. Everything we do spotlights individuality and you, the world, and
your community.

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