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What is the scariest movie on Netflix?


It may not be spooky season as of yet, but that doesn’t mean that we horror fans can’t get our thrills and chills on with the scariest movie on Netflix earlier in the year!

If you absolutely adore scary movies just like we do, then you know that there are categories in which most movies fall. You’ve got your classic film usually set in a camp or haunted house with teens screaming their heads off as they run from an axe murderer.

You’ve also got your paranormal film full of poltergeists or vengeful spirits. Who could forget the scary movies that boggle your mind, calling attention to the notion that the real monsters are human beings. (We can thank Jordan Peele for bringing this one back into fashion.)

While we do love our fair share of categorical jump-scares, the biggest question never goes away: Which horror film is in a completely different league of its own, making it the scariest movie ever?

Now, we know this answer will forever be up for debate, so we’re here to tell you what we think is the scariest movie on Netflix — the most terrifying, unnerving, disturbing and petrifying horror movie you can add to your watch list. Check it out down below.

What is the scariest movie on Netflix?

Hands down, the 2020 film His House has to be the scariest film on Netflix.

Directed by upcoming director Remi Weeks, His House is about a couple seeking asylum in a new country. Upon asylum approval, they are given a new house to properly adjust to their new community, starting a completely new life… but their old life wasn’t going to let them go that easy.

Evil spirits constantly haunt this couple proving that the real ghosts are the fatal mistakes that one has made in the past. Each of them must atone for their sins in order to move forward.

Summing up this film in words simply isn’t enough to justify how disturbing it is. Check out this trailer for the film down below.

Truly, this film has all the components of every horror film that you’ve ever known but also makes it a point to be unique in its own special way.

If everything we’ve said so far hasn’t been enough to sell you on how good this movie is, Rotten Tomatoes film critics gave this film a certified-fresh 100%. That should tell you everything you need to know.

Be sure to check out the Netflix original film His House currently streaming only on Netflix. (Try not to repeat our mistake of watching it at 2:00 a.m.)

Do you disagree with this answer? Feel free to let us know which horror movie had you terrified for days in the comments below!


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