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What your star sign says about how you handle break-ups


ARE you the one who goes chasing after their exes, or do you find it easy to let go and move on?

Perhaps you need a few days to cry your eyes out, or maybe you feel like a bird that’s been let out of its cage.

Maura Higgins - a Sagittarius - and Giovanni Pernice - a Virgo - recently called time on their relationship


Maura Higgins – a Sagittarius – and Giovanni Pernice – a Virgo – recently called time on their relationshipCredit: Instagram

Break-ups are rarely easy, but everyone has their own unique way of dealing with heartbreak.

According to mystic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman, your star sign can tell you a lot about how you handle a love split, and what type of ex partner you are.

“The way each sign responds to the end of a relationship is always in accordance with how they see life,” she explained.

“Fiery personalities will feel the split with the incandescent passion of a thousand suns, and watery types will feel it all from the depths of their romantic hearts.

“Their emotions about the end of the romance will be guided by the way they perceive the relationship itself.

“The intellectual aspect with which air signs view a love story is nothing like the grounded, solid ‘deal’s a deal’ approach of earth signs.”

According to Inbaal, Pisces are likely to yearn after their ex while Aries don’t hang around and are quick to move on. And if you’re breaking up with a Cancerian, make sure you’re prepared for drama.

Here we reveal how your break-up behaviour is written in the stars…

Aries: onto the next quest

Your break-up blues don’t tend to last long because you’re quickly skimming through partners until you find the one.

You don’t have time for meaningless flings in your quest for an intellectual match. Once you’ve figured out you’re not compatible with someone, you’re quick to leave and don’t bear a grudge.

Nevertheless, you like to keep the door open just in case. Being friendly and flirtatious with your ex-partners without having high hopes is a side hobby for you.

However, if you were hooked on your partner and your ego was wounded, your fiery side comes through.

It wouldn’t be surprising if a torrent of spitefulness blurts out of your mouth when you see your ex in public – you just have to let it out.

To avoid ending up in unpleasant situations after your break-up, be careful not to lure your exes into your playfulness and try to keep your cool if you’re the one who’s been left behind.

At the end of the day, you don’t always get to have the final say.

Taurus: let’s be friends

Down-to-earth and emotionally composed, as a Taurus you deal with break-ups like a true delegate: fair, calm, and keeping up the good relations.

It’s not that you don’t feel sad or have a bit of resentment towards your ex-partner. You care deeply for them, therefore, your emotions are affected.

But instead of throwing a tantrum and making a scene, you choose to pretend that everything is fine.

You know very well that the biggest favour you can do for your ex is to show them that you’re hurt.

Taurus people are usually the ones who have to hold back their Aries friends from getting into a fight with their exes

Inbaal Honigman

But deep down, you tend to reminisce over the past. It might take you a while to get over the break-up, but you’re not malicious.

In fact, Taurus people are usually the ones who have to hold back their Aries friends from getting into a fight with their exes.

As a loving, devoted and incredibly committed partner, you make for a friendly ex and are likely to keep in touch with your past lovers.

What you need to focus on is how to look after yourself after the break-up so that you don’t get too caught up in the blues.

Gemini: I’m going to write you a letter

Gemini people are known for their chameleon natures. Indecisiveness is a prominent trait, and that often manifests in your relationships.

It’s likely that you’ve been on and off with your partner for a while, but now that it’s over, it’s time for the philosophical quest to begin.

Gemini people are serious overthinkers! You see your past relationships as learning curves and an opportunity to analyse your behaviour and personality.

You might even go so far as writing a long letter or text message to your ex sharing your thoughts about what has gone wrong.

As a Gemini, you prefer to harness your writing abilities and take the time to structure your thoughts instead of saying things out loud that you might regret later.

You’re most likely going to remain friends with your ex unless they really crossed the line – and if that happens, they will be out of your life forever.

You might feel urged to show your discontent, not physically, but through your wise words and undercover actions.

In order to make the most out of your philosophical nature, use your break-up as an opportunity to embellish your personality and become the best version of yourself.

Cancer: the drama queen

Honest answer required: Is it really over, Cancer?

Although you might have broken up with your partner on paper, until your feelings go completely cold you will still find a way to finesse your way back into their lives.

You have those claws for a reason. You hold onto something until you’re ready to say goodbye.

Once you’ve written the last chapter of your relationship, the drama parade begins.

Cancerians have the innate ability to present themselves as the victim in any type of situation, and break-ups are not an exception

Inbaal Honigman

As a Cancer, you are in tune with your emotional side and are quite vocal about it.

Waterfalls of tears, late-night ice cream binges and regular Facebook status updates often define your post-break-up ambience.

God forbid things end badly because you’re going to let everyone know about it and will gather your little army of advocates who will be ready to attack on your command.

You have the innate ability to present yourself as the victim in any type of situation, and break-ups are not an exception.

To get over your break-up quicker and regain your personal power, you just have to let it go!

Leo: quick to forget

Leo, you’re blessed with your inner fire and passionate nature. When you’re in a relationship, you literally shower your partner with love.

You’re quick to fall in love and give it everything you’ve got, and are as quick to fall out of love and find another person who ignites your inner flame.

Why reminisce over the past when you have so much love to disperse?

Often the reason for your break-up is that your passionate love isn’t reciprocated, and you feel you’re not appreciated enough.

However, not everyone can keep up with your pace of love-giving.

Once it’s over, it really is over for you. Your pride is bigger than your ability to give second chances – unless you are utterly smitten.

Of course, don’t shy away from expressing it but try and be understanding of the fact that everyone shows their love differently.

But, at the end of the day, just be you, because that’s what makes you the happiest!

Virgo: the over-analyser

Your need to know what went wrong in the relationship is overpowering. That’s when your overthinking powers come into play.

You will go over every single detail not for the sake of beating yourself up, but because you want to grow.

As a true advocate for enlightenment, you see a relationship as a step to becoming your best self.

You learn from your partners and are all about deep intellectual conversations, not just small talk.

That’s why you don’t let just anyone into your life and are quite picky when it comes to choosing your partners.

Once it’s over, you might feel a bit down, but your mind will take over your heart in no time. Take care of yourself and you’ll emerge even stronger than before!

Libra: the closure seeker

Libra, you’re all about balance and justice, and this really comes through in your relationships and break-ups, retrospectively.

As the connoisseur of harmony, you’re always seeking closure and will go out of your way to find it.

You need to make sure…


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