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What’s new on Netflix in September


September’s here and it’s the time to whirl our shows to watch on Netflix. Binge watchers better buckle up and get those popcorn corners well-stocked, because Netflix’s got it well-stashed with new seasons of most hyped dramas and docuseries, crime thrillers, horror, and action-packed suspenseful shows.

Money Heist (Part 5: Volume 1)

The Spanish cult-hit returns for the first half of its two-part finale season. The previous season ended with a breathtaking suspense. Is it going to hypnotize the world with a rendition of ‘Bella Ciao, yet again?’

To see if the Directors’ promise of it being the most extreme and epic season prevails or not, eyes must be on the screen.

Release Date: September 3

Into the Night (Season 2)

Well, the first season of this Belgian apocalyptic Sci-Fi series was a punch of drama and thriller to us. Now, this second season, it’s all a big flurry of newer crises in a tensed up environment with their new host.

Release Date: September 8

Lucifer (The Final Season)

Lucifer has had his charm playing the audience, but with this upcoming batch of episodes, the ride is finally over.

The final season will also show things like him getting a big and fancy (!) promotion, Amenadiel joining the LAPD, as well as a few other surprises.

Hopefully, this final run will be every bit as enjoyable as fans hoped it would be.

Release Date: September 10


Mary Elizabeth Winstead stars in this neon-coloured thriller about an assassin who’s given 24 hours to live after being administered a fatal poison. She has to use her last day to find the people responsible as well as make peace with her past.

Winstead has stood like a bonafide action hero, saying from the looks of this neon-ish delight to eyes.

Release Date: September 10


Sports fans are covered with the new documentary Schumacher, covering the legendary German’s F1 career.

The documentary film is set to be released the same day coinciding with Schumacher’s entry into Formula One, 30 years ago.

Release Date: September 15

Sex Education (Season 3)

The super-hyped third season of Sex Education is coming and we can’t get the garden-ish poster with our favourite characters out of our heads. Not only is there a bit of a time jump this year, but Moordale has undergone a bit of a rebrand.

With new characters like the headmistress, Hope, and some other fresh faces, including Jason Isaacs as Mr Groff’s older brother, Peter, the season sure promises a lot of drama, and, sexual faux pas, more awkward ‘talk’, just as we like it.

Now, it’s all wait till we get to see the gang in those stylish grey uniforms we loved.

Release Date: September 17

Squid Game

With the regular soothings of the k-drama, this time there’s a hyped Crime Thriller in the pack.

The series follows a group of hundreds of cash-strapped people accepting an invitation to compete in a children’s game. But the stakes put to win the tempting prize money are only getting deadlier and darker over time.

The trailer was tempting enough to lure us into yet another K-drama we might end up loving.

Release Date: September 17

Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan

The baffling story of Billy Milligan, a serial rapist who claimed multiple characters control his behaviour, is here on Netflix to baffle us all with a four-part documentary series. The docu-series shall explore the legal odyssey set by the first case of Dissociative Identity Disorder in the world, and it’s already on our to-watch list this month.

Release Date: September 22

Midnight Mass

Hankering for a horror? Netflix got you covered. Haunting of Hill House creator Mike Flanagan is bringing the scares once more with the Midnight Mass series. Judging by the director’s earlier works, it’s going to be a series that’s going to stay in our heads for a while.

Release Date: September 24

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