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When is Fear Street Part 3 coming to Netflix?


Netflix‘s horror event of the season comes to a close with the premiere of Fear Street Part 3: 1666. The film trilogy has taken viewers on quite the time hopping ride from the ’90s with Scream vibes with Part 1 and classic ’70s slashers in Part 2.

Now, be prepared to wind the clock back to the 1600s in a year that contains the mark of the beast. Finally, we’ll be treated to what exactly happened to Sarah Fier and why she’s so vengeful. Her spirit has had a hold on Shadyside for centuries, but it’s about time she’s finally sent to the fiery pits to burn.

Though there can’t be an expulsion of her spirit without an origin story. It just wouldn’t be right. Was Sarah always a villain? Was she once a victim herself? Fear Street Part 3 is sure to provide answers, and we’re waiting with bated breath.

Here’s when the movie will hit Netflix!

Fear Street Part 3 release date

The Fear Street trilogy concludes on Friday, July 16. Our supernatural wayback machine will take us to the Union settlement before it was split into Shadyside and Sunnyvale.

One side was cursed while the other has flourished ever since. Why? Only Part 3 can tell us. Its predecessors left us with more questions than answers and now it’s time to learn the full story.

Will it be enough to save Sam from suffering the same fate as the previous Shadyside killers? We’ll have to watch and see, but we’re sure it’ll be a hell of a time. Nothing says a witch’s tale like a village, superstitious people, a trial, and a legendary curse that will haunt generations to come.

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