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You Season 3: 10 Shocking Moments I’m Still Not Over


When it comes to some of the latest Netflix shows, one of my favorites that has been ongoing for a couple of years now is You, the story of Joe Goldberg, a seemingly normal everyday guy who falls in love way too easily and will literally murder someone for that woman. In Season 2, he met Love, fell for her, and ended up getting married and having a kid.

But when You Season 3 came along, Joe and Love were certainly not the standard married couple, leading to plenty of shocking moments. From someone who binge-watched the whole entire season in a day, here are ten shocking moments that I am still not over.

And obviously, a big old SPOILER WARNING is needed.

Natalie in You Season 3.

(Image credit: Netflix)

When Love Straight-Up Murders Joe’s New Love Interest In Episode 1


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