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You Season 3 Soundtrack Guide: Every Song


The You season 3 soundtrack is quite fitting for the show’s murderous protagonists. Based on Caroline Kepnes’ book of the same name, You originally debuted on Lifetime in 2018. The show was initially canceled due to low ratings, but was later resurrected on Netflix and became a binge-worthy hit. In addition to continuing the show for an additional two seasons, Netflix has already greenlit You season 4, promising much more to come.

The series centers around Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), a book-loving romantic who will do anything to ensure his own happily ever after. He has a habit of fixating on smart women – and then killing everyone who threatens to get in his way. Continuing from the previous season, Joe now finds himself trapped in suburban hell with his wife, Love (Victoria Pedretti), and their newborn son, Henry. While Love had once been the object of his affections, Joe was horrified to discover that she shares many of his violent tendencies, which causes him to look elsewhere in his constant quest for his perfect match. This culminates in You season 3’s twist ending, and a lot of difficult choices for Joe.

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Music is an important part of You, setting the tone and contributing to the ambiance of the show. For example, erecting a murder cage can almost seem romantic when paired with a sweet sixties love song, as Joe and Love find in episode 2. One of You’s greatest strengths is the way it uses dark comedy to subvert popular tropes, and the You soundtrack is a fantastic tool in this regard. Here is every song in You season 3.

You Season 3, Episode 1: And They Lived Happily Ever After

You Season 3 Episode 1

“Buzzkill” – Baby Queen: Near the top of the episode, this song sets the tone for Joe’s initial feelings about fatherhood in a montage of baby cries and dirty diapers – or as he dramatically describes it: “Groundhog day as written by Jean-Paul Sartre.”

“Running Around” – James Quant: This song plays while Joe explicitly fantasizes about his new neighbor, Natalie, in his car.

You Season 3, Episode 2: So I Married An Axe Murderer

You Season 3 Episode 2

“My Heart Belongs To Only You” – Bobby Vinton: Joe and Love practice couples team-building by setting up a cage in the basement of Love’s new bakery with this sweet old ditty in the background.

You Season 3, Episode 3: Missing White Woman Syndrome

Love in You Season 3 Episode 3

“Fire” – Two Feet: The episode opens with a morning montage featuring this song, during which Joe reads To Kill A Mockingbird and the news of Natalie’s death starts to spread throughout town.

“I Lied” – Lord Huron & Allison Ponthier: As Joe wonders whether he can be a good father if he’s a bad man, the lyrics of this song tell the story of someone who tries to be better, but ultimately can’t change.

“Killer Scene” – Pale Honey: This needle drop seems to be appropriate when Love impulsively bludgeons her anti-vax neighbor, Gil, over the head.

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You Season 3, Episode 4: Hands Across Madre Linda


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